Bangalow is...

"such a pretty place, so much to see and do... vibrant commercial, art & orchard  traditional community village centre"

Unique & Historic - Bangalow is the only intact Federation village on Australia's east coast. Bangalow's elegant pace combines modern and traditional without the overdevelopment found elsewhere.

The Human Scale - people say Bangalow's rolling green hills immediately above Byron Bay remind them of the English Home Counties.

The Quality - Bangalow is an inclusive community not hoodwinked by conservatism or seduced by commercialisation.

Outgoing - even during the boisterous festivals and markets there is the welcoming sense - still a spare place at the table!

Family - the Census shows Bangalow has the most children per capita of all areas in Byron Shire.

Zero schlock tourist developments, and mass market chain franchises

Go to the very active Bangalow Chamber of Commerce



From our own Internationally trainned expert, Jared, of  My Favorite Video will recommend a couple of Movies from his store each month for our delight. The two recommended Movies this month are as follows;

video rango pic

Like a Clint Eastwood film on acid and with a twist of Tim Burton wackiness, Rango jumps out at you from a slightly left of centre angle. For those who love the last decade of increasingly cool animated films, this one’s for you. In homage to the Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood era of westerns, Rango offers incredible frontier scenery with top notch animation and a voice cast including every one’s Favourite Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and British heavies Bill Nighy (Davy Jones from the Pirates movies) & Ray Winstone.

Along with wheelchair bound baddies and a truly scary giant snake what more is there to want…oh yeah, a good old fashion show down shoot out. Rango is both weird & wonderful.



video the way back

The Way Back
As a huge admirer of Peter Weir I am truly excited about his new offering The Way Back.
The film only had a small cinema release up here on the north coast, so its no surprise not many people have seen it yet. If you are a fan of Peter Weir’s films then it’s been a long wait since 2003 nautical adventure Master  & Commander Far Side of the World. The story follows six Russian gulag escapees. Led by Jim Stugess & Ed Harris, they attempt to escape a WW2 prison & trek the 6500km journey south through the Gobi Desert, Tibet and the Himalayas. Inspired by true events and based on the personal account of Sławomir Rawicz who spent time in the brutal Russian gulag and who is said to have walked the incredible distance just for a chance to even die a free man. If you look back at the films of Peter Weir it’s easy to see why he’s one of our best directors. Picnic at Hanging Rock, Gallipoli, Witness, Dead Poets Society & The Truman Show are high quality and diverse films. The Way Back promises to add to that awesome back catalogue and I look forward to its release


NOTE: Bangalow sometimes has a serious car parking shortage. Peak periods: Saturday mornings. People want the Farmers Market to move from Pub to Pool to reduce congetion at this busy time.

4th Sunday of the month Markets. So Popular! The best Market anywhere.